Meet Tracey Kuhns

My Approach

I believe that any change we want to make in our lives begins with a thought.  We may not know how we will make that change or when it will happen, but we plant the seed in our mind.  My job is to partner with you and develop the plan and the necessary tools needed to fertilize that seed.  Together we will take it from the early stages of planting, all the way through growth and the final stages of fruition.  

My Story: Tracey (Burchell) Kuhns

My life has taken many turns.

I left my career in the finance field when my son was born. I started my own personal training business when he was six months old and continued to train for almost twenty years. I feel very lucky that I was able to be at home with both of my kids while training clients. I felt that I was listening to their stories and adding some input here and there. Little did I realize then that I was helping and steering people’s lives while getting them in shape.

Life progressed, working and raising my kids. When my son was in middle school he was bullied and then fell into a different crowd and started experimenting with drugs.  By the time he was 17 he was doing molly, cocaine, oxy, and eventually heroin. He went to several different treatment centers with subsequent relapses. By combining different philosophies of treatment and learning to think “out of the box”, he has been clean since January 6, 2016.

In September of 2015, I started a non profit to help provide financial support to people who couldn't pay for treatment on their own. I was fortunate that insurance paid for a part of my son’s treatment, and I wanted every person struggling with addiction to get the treatment they needed. As I spent time helping people and being part of the addiction community, I became more focused on why people turn to drugs. I knew why I had an eating disorder/addiction and I started to see the path was similar... a way to escape and numb ourselves. My journey took me to another non profit where I am currently a board member, Living in Recovery in Howard County which provides sober living for people in recovery. 

When I look back on my life I see every struggle I have endured: severe anxiety as a kid, an eating disorder/food addiction and sexual assault as a young adult, loss of my own identity during the child raising years, a son with a drug addiction, a daughter who battled depression and severe anxiety, 23 years of marriage ending in divorce, starting a new career and being on my own.  These are all building blocks. They have led me to my true passion….taking my experience and knowledge from my own personal struggles and helping others.  Giving them the courage, motivation and reinforcement to make positive and healthier changes in their own lives, helping them identify their own life path and achieving the goals they want to reach as well as working on improving relationships in their lives. I would like to do the same for you.

Your journey starts today...